An Evening with Chris Trapper to Benefit Invisible Illnesses
04 Month
14 Day
2012 Year

Lou & Harry's Sports Bar & Grill

6-10 PM, Doors Open at 5:30

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Lou & Harry's
Sports Bar & Grill

16800 Chandler Road,
East Lansing, MI 48823

Phone: 517.351.0899

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Tickets & Prices

The Invisible Illness Event is an All Ages show. Tickets can be purchased in advance through the Ticketbud link to the right, or in-store at Lou and Harry's on Chandler Road. If you are over 21 and wish to purchase alcohol, you will be required to wear a wristband at all times.

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Additional Donations

In addition to ticket sales, you may also donate directly to the three charities that are benefiting from this event. Please follow the link to the right to donate to any of the charities in the name of this event. *Please note that a minimum donation of $10 is required.

Meet The Hosts
Katie Dama Jaskolski

Katie Dama Jaskolski

Katie Dama Jaskolski is 30 years old and currently works as a pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teacher in Lansing, MI. Katie is a former competitive gymnast, spending 15 years at Great Lakes Gymnastics Club in Lansing, MI, and Twistars Gymnastics Club in Dimondale, MI.

Katie was on the Michigan State University Gymnastics team her freshman year as an Academic All American, but had to retire from the sport after having multiple arm and hand reconstruction surgeries.

Katie graduated from MSU in 2004 with a BA in Elementary Education, and she graduated from the College of St. Catherine with an MA in Curriculum with an Early Childhood Montessori credential. Katie has a passion for teaching and advocating for others.

Her hobbies include writing, exercising, dancing, and spending time with her husband, Brad, friends, and family.

After becoming suddenly sick in 2010, and spending months seeing multiple doctors, Katie was eventually diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Dysautonomia (POTS). Katie spent most of 2010 and 2011 very ill, unable to work, in a neck brace, back brace, and wheelchair.

After going through intensive rehabilitation and other treatment methods, Katie has been able to return to work half-time. Katie has made it her mission to help raise awareness for these rare and often overlooked diseases.

One way Katie does this is through her website, Life as a Zebra. Katie likes to remind herself of this, "Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice." - Dyer

Allie Dama

Allie Dama

Allie Dama is 24 years old and currently works as a case manager for a youth mental health clinic in La Plata, Maryland. Allie is a former competitive gymnast, spending 15 years at Twistars Gymnastics Club in Dimondale, Michigan, and another 4 years as an NCAA Division I varsity gymnast at the University of Maryland.

Allie was the 2002 Junior Olympic National Champion and earned 2nd place on the uneven bars at the 2008 NCAA EAGL conference championships. Allie has represented the United States internationally in Europe, Asia, and Central America.

Allie graduated Cum Laude from UMD in 2010 with a BS in Psychology and a minor in Neuroscience. She was recently accepted into the Masters in Occupational Therapy program at Virginia Commonwealth University and will be starting classes in June 2012. Allie aspires to help children with developmental disorders and neurological impairments improve their daily life.

Her hobbies include cooking, exercising, dancing, crafts, and cheering on the Terps. Allie stays connected to Maryland Gymnastics by commentating for the internet broadcasts of their competitions.

In 2008, just months after completing her most successful collegiate gymnastics season to date, Allie grew mysteriously ill. Despite numerous medical appointments and tests, doctors were unable to pinpoint a diagnosis. It was only after 48 days of hospitalization, near fatal seizures, dozens of specialists, and a kidney biopsy that Allie was diagnosed with Polyarteritis Nodosa Vasculitis (PAN).

Since that time, Allie has had several more hospitalizations and years of corticosteroid and chemotherapy treatment. She was forced to retire early from gymnastics competition and had to take several months off of school to regain strength and basic functioning.

Despite the long and difficult road, Allie’s PAN is now in remission and doctors are positive about her prognosis. These recent years of struggle have taught Allie to appreciate every day. She now lives by the motto: “The only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude” -Brown

Chris Trapper Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter

About Chris

Chris Trapper began his career as the front man for the late–90’s alternative rock band, The Push Stars (Capitol Records).

With four CD releases and several high profile national tours – including a run with Matchbox TwentyThe Push Stars served to establish Chris as an authentic talent.

The New York Times calls his work “classic pop perfection.”

As a modern day singer–songwriter, Chris is most known for his song This Time, the #1 selling song on the Grammy nominated soundtrack for August Rush (Robin Williams, Jonathan Rhys Meyers – Warner Bros Pictures).

Katie’s Take

“Last year, my Aunt Madalena introduced me to Chris Trapper’s music. Chris is a singer-songwriter from Boston. His song, “Avalanche” became my anthem as I worked hard to get to a point where I could return to work, and life in general. I shared the song with Allie along the way, and she and I both agreed that it was the perfect song for the two of us, as we both faced our “Avalanches.”

I was lucky enough to get to go see Chris Trapper in concert last spring with my Aunt Madalena, Aunt Laurie and cousin, Jenny. I was fascinated by his talent, and the way he connects with the audience. It honestly felt like when he was singing, he was only singing to me. Since that concert last April, I have fallen in love with all of Chris’s music. It is an understatement to say that his beautifully crafted songs have gotten me through many tough days.”

– Katie Dama Jaskolski
Invisible Illnesses Defined

Dysautonomia literally means dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is the master regulator of organ function throughout the body. It is involved in the control of heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, respiration, digestion and other vital functions.

Individuals with EDS have a defect in their connective tissue, the tissue that provides support to many body parts such as the skin, muscles and ligaments. The fragile skin and unstable joints found in EDS are the result of faulty collagen.

Vasculitis is a family of rare and chronic autoimmune diseases, all characterized by the inflammation of blood vessels. There are more than 15 different vasculitis diseases, all of which can affect people of various ages, races, and genders.